Just another beautiful day

It’s been 14 days now since I’ve had the smell of fresh air. I’m currently participating a clinical study which requires healthy humans to test new drugs before they release them on the market. For our safety however we are not allowed to leave the building. Accommodation, 3 meals a day, leisure facilities such as TV, WiFi and pool tables are all provided and of course, a handsome cheque when I check out. This is my 5th trial now and the longest I’ve ever done (17 days in total). It’s also the best one I’ve done so far. I highly recommend doing one of these if you’re looking for another avenue for income.* Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket as usual when it comes to money.

Today was a wonderfully spectacular day. I was just 10 mins in watching Religulous (Bill Maher) on the laptop on my bed when I couldn’t suppress my laughter and not disturb the peace and quiet in the sleeping quarters. So I decided to watch in the lounge/dinning room. Then one of the many patients I befriended suggested I put it on the big TV. Religion is a controversial topic but the room was almost empty so I hooked up my HDD. After a short while, we were joined by more people. Not surprisingly everyone enjoyed it. It was controversial but first and foremost hella funny.

After the doco was over, the 7 of us that stayed around had a remarkable deep and meaningful discussion covering topics not limited to religion, our education system, the government, the nature of the universe, current state of the world and how to make the world a better place. We all got to know each other better talking about our talents and passions and how we got to where we are. I shared my story about my automobile near death experience that caused the spark needed to begin my journey towards personal development. We all had so much to share and discuss that it was necessary to slow down because everyone’s input was worth listening to. It brings me much joy to say I have found new old friends. I say new old because we all got along so well. Sure we have our differences but we were all awakened conscious critical thinking human beings. And the energy created in that circle was truly inspiring and empowering. It was potentially a mastermind group.

It always feels like I’m travelling when I undertake these trials. I’ve never stayed at a hostel but I suspect my experiences these past two weeks aren’t too dissimilar. Most of the people here are travellers looking to boost their income and so many are European backpackers from all over the world but there are many locals too. We’re already planning a party once everyone gets discharged. And we’re getting Rick-ity-ity-wrreeccckkked son!!!!

*My personal experience and the place I go to is particularly pleasant with great staff and good looking nurses (men and women!).

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Independence day!

It’s been a long time coming but today I’ve finally moved out from the nest. And I’m glad it happened the way it did – on a good note with my folks. Unlike that one time back in the summer of 2012…It will be quite a departure from my usual daily lifestyle and I actually kinda miss my old place. But there’s no regret, no physical or superficial attachment of any sort even though it was a massive two storey house with a huge garden. I can’t even remember the last time I felt a lingering attachment to any “place” or location so I’ve always considered myself a wanderer since I began the personal development journey. Anyways a bit about the new place.

The place I’ve moved into actually belongs to a long time high school close friend of mine. It’s a little unit which I have quickly and easily adapted to. In fact I was getting sick of living in a house with so much space and room prone to hording items that are probably unnecessary clutter. I used to blame my parents on how much crap they owned vs my total posessions. Well, my “one trip” moving items turned out to be more than one (not including furniture or tool trolley). I’ve unpacked most of my necessities but still sorting out a couple items of which I will try to reduce as much as I can. My new bedroom compared to the old house is TINY. It is literally half the size. I haven’t even set up the bookshelf or 3 drawer cabinet so I may consider omitting the bookshelf. But thanks to my efficient use of space there’s enough to squeeze at least 15 people standing.

The good, the bad and the meh

One of the perks of living in this new place is that I get to use the garage. In fact she’s explicitly stated that I can have full reign on the garage as she uses it for nothing but storage, and does so very inefficiently. It was like symphony to my ears. To my male perspective, I got my own little mancave. To the car enthusiast part of me, it simply couldn’t get any better. Well perhaps if I got a hoist but I’m a car enthusiast, not a mechanic. Other perks include (and I not limited to)

  • I get to bring chicks home without needing to introduce or get interrogated. Not that I was bringing chicks home anywhoo but it makes life easier as a player
  • No parents mean 100 less rules to abide by. No wasted hour every Sunday going to Church. Thank God.

But with every positive there’s always a…I won’t say negative but there is a consequence of every decision.

  • She has a pet sun parakeet which is very noisy and rather angry. Noisy enough to be discomforting to my musician’s ears. Today I fed it and it was all fine until I thought it would be interesting to experience the “infamous” bite. It hurt. A LOT! I tried to show fearlessness and maybe even exert dominance but the thing kept biting my hand and screaming. This was one of the major considerations before moving in. Over time I will attempt to tame it. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.
  • I am a relatively clean person, but she is almost the opposite. The garage as I may have mentioned before is an absolute pigsty. 1/4 of the space is bamboo green waste since the beginning of this year. That’s six months! I suppose my reward for ownership of the garage is to keep it maintained and that I shall. Sarah you’re messy, but I still love you.
  • The unit is in proximity to a major road so it’s not as tranquil as my old house which is relatively new and situated in a court.
  • No cooking from mum but I’m pretty good myself. Pros of being asian😉

That’s pretty much all I can think of now. There is a pet rabbit which takes care of itself in the garden so no problems there. I’m not a pet person but I am affectionate towards all species on Earth (since we are all Earthlings).

I’m not sure exactly how long I will stay but I’ve got rent money for at least 2 months. It’s a tricky situation however as I’m not getting any shifts from work this month due to the winter season.

What I hope to get out from this

“Your environment is stronger than your willpower.” – Steve Pavlina

3 years ago I would have complained about lack of freedom, but I realise now I always had that freedom, I just never exercised it. Now I have the opportunity to experience what it feels like to become self-sustaining instead of relying on someone else to provide food and shelter. I used to say living at home was limiting my potential and I still believe opportunity is just around the corner waiting for me to walk down. Moving away from my parents should help further “unlearn” the conditioning that they have internalised from their lives brought up in believing in the yellow brick road and narrow view of life. As I’m out of work this month, this is prime time to work on my music as I keep telling myself and everyone around me. Music is where my talent lies and leveraging it to earn money is the financial plan. Then I can use that money to reinvest in myself and build my car the way I like it. If it doesn’t work out, parents are always happy to have me back.

People say that living with friends can break the relationship. I’ve read forums and articles but this prevalent issue doesn’t faze me one bit. As long as we both respect each other’s space and have flexible tolerance to individual mannerisms I don’t see how we can fail. I’ve been gifted with good patience and with the power of personal development nothing cannot be accomplished with passion and perseverance. Famous last words? I guess we’ll just have to find out! Stay toooooned…

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Taking back your power

Alex: “No, no! Just… NO!!!”

That was pretty much the entire phone conversation I had between my friend who I had met through a car club earlier this year. He just couldn’t believe how much money I’d spent. I agreed.

Earlier this year I bought a car from another state. It wasn’t in the best shape but I got it for cheap. In Australia, cars need to pass a safety/emissions test in order for it to be registered. This is like the MOT test in UK or smog test in USA.

After telling Alex about my bill from the mechanic to get the car roadworthy he had so much pain for my sake. That $900 could have easily been avoided and better spent elsewhere like modifications. Now admittedly, I didn’t specify a budget but he should at least have the courtesy to contact me if it was going to go over $1000. Most dealerships contact the owner before going any further. Even $500 would have been okay. He did ring back after I dropped it off to tell me what had to be done and was supposed to call me back with the price but instead he called back again to say he needed more time. I said “do whatever needs to be done”. That was mistake number one. Mistake number two was failing to mention that I had spare parts that could have been fitted by me personally if they needed to be done.

When I came to pick the car up I was faced with a $1300 bill. OUCH! I had only intended to spend $300-400. I reluctantly swallowed the bill and walked away with a bitter after taste. But it lingered for days. Initially I decided to cop it in the chin but Alex was very very passionate about retaliation. After giving it 2 days to marinate, I decided “hell, what have I got to lose?”. If I don’t it will haunt me forever. And I’m the type of person who needs some form of closure.

Alex’s method would have been to March in there, explain that we had parts ready to go on and demanded money back due to failure to communicate with the owner. He was ready to come down with me and speak on my behalf. Alex intended to put him on the blacklist of the mechanic’s guild. His method would have been very similar to my father’s. I’ve tried that method a long time ago, both parties are left with bitter feelings which is not how I wanted it to go down since I’ve known this mechanic for a few years.

I wanted to resolve this issue my way. And that is to come from a place of love and compassion. Because to be fair I didn’t communicate with him about the spare parts I had nor my budget. But in return, he should have told me if the bill was going over $1000!!

So a few days after, I came back and we had a little chat. Showed him the receipt and calmly asked something among the lines of this:

“Hey Mr V, I was hesitant to say this last time but you know, this $1300 bill is a real stinger. Look, I know I didn’t mention my budget but you did say you were gonna give me a quote. Now it would have been nice if you’d told me it was gonna be this much.”

I felt the entire thing was going to be a long shot but I still wanted to try it. I just couldn’t shake my gut feelings inside to do SOMETHING about it.

Well guess what? He wrote me a cheque for $230! I was more than satisfied with the fact that I’d actually received something back! I guess he realised that I wasn’t an idiot and losing $230 is better than a bad customer review which would have cost a lot more.

The primary moral of my story was not to give your power away. I gave my power away when I walked away the first time after paying $1300 without putting up any form of resistance or communication. I just swallowed it. But it felt wrong. Deep inside I felt like I was cheated. So I took action. I spoke up. I took back my power. The power was mine to begin with, as it is with you.

Second moral is to communicate clearly when dealing with anyone. To the mechanic, the dumbest thing for me was to say “do whatever needs to be done”. That gives them the freedom to “do whatever needs to be done” and then some. Non-mechanically minded people are easy targets. Knowledge is power! Applied knowledge is more power!

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From fear to invincibility

Between November 2014 and March this year my consciousness temporarily dipped into a state of fear. More specifically paranoia. It began with a waning relationship with a close friend of mine. We clashed opinions which involved interactions with a social club. It was as though our personalities differed so much that our spirits were fighting each other’s vibes. That’s how I felt anyways. Eventually there was a falling out and I continued to spiral down.

Next was an eBay sale which initially I didn’t think of much it became very messy when buyers would bid but not buy even after messaging me how badly they wanted it. Some of the messages seemed like a joke. This happened multiple times. It was as if I was being trolled by someone I knew, perhaps even my close “friends”. I was very paranoid at this point and it was really stressing me out. I was also selling items on Gumtree and had very similar experience.

Eventually I sold the item on eBay. Communication was more different than usual but it may have been my paranoia affecting my mind. I actually confronted my friends about my thoughts and feelings over the past few weeks and if they had anything to do with sabotaging my sales. They had no idea what I was on about. They probably felt betrayed due to the fact that I suspected them.

Eventually things got better, then better, until about mid-March was when I began to feel cheerful and happy like my usual self. In fact, I felt better than ever. I felt invincible. There was nothing to stress about, nothing worth worrying over. I was trying to figure out why because nothing else changed dramatically in the outer world, but my attitude was a lot more positive. Then it hit me.

At the beginning of Feb I began to listen to Sonia Ricotti’s Unsinkable Bounce Back System. The program comprised of 7 main audio sessions between 30-45 mins and a 15 minute AM and PM activation which had to be listened everyday for a minimum of 21 days to take effect. The aim of this program was to raise your conscious level to Love (500). I had bought this back in December 2012 but I never got past 3-4 audio sessions, let alone the AM/PM activations without breaking the streak. I made a commitment to my mastermind friendship group to listen for 60 days. If I broke the record I would pay them each $20. After 3-4 weeks, I began to feel very positive, uplifted, invincible!

Now I’m not affiliated with Sonia in anyway (although I’d like to be!) and this is not a sales pitch. It just goes to show positive power of immersing yourself in a personal development material. You may not enjoy the same material I do. Unsinkable specifically is tailored to those who are in a negative and struggling state hence why it was so effective on me.

I still listen occasionally but not consecutively anymore since I’m in a much better state. My paranoia has disappeared and I’m not a anxious of people around me (not that I was in the first place). The relationship between my close friends has already improved.

And it was all to do with my attitude.

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3 years of slavery

“Slavery” – defined in the documentary Zeigeist as the synonym and result of debt.

Today marks the first day in almost 3 years the mathematical sign in front of my bank account becomes a positive. $193 to be exact😀. Finally, after working continuously 4-6 days a week averaging 35 hours for about half a year and pouring every (almost) paycheck into my 20k loan that was a 8.5k credit card loan my next purchase can finally be from using MY OWN hard earned money! It should’ve happened 6 months ago but I couldn’t control my thirst…

I admit it’s not a big number for many people – I don’t have a mortage or a new car loan, I don’t live by myself (still pay $100 rent) and I fell into the trap of draining dry 20k loan even after transferring it from the credit card to alleviate the interest rate burning through my proverbial pocket (whatever was left of it) – but it feels FUCKEN STRATOSPHERIC!!

I remember the first time using the credit card on a massive purchase (one that quite literally went down the drain) my mechanic said sarcastically, lets max it out! Never did I expect a year later to be 8k deep in the minuses…I unexpectly became history’s cliched victims. But it’s all over now. Sound the trumpets!

My birthday passed a few days ago. I remember 3 years ago making a promise to myself and telling my mates about it proudly at a small get-together – I would become a millionaire by the time I reached 25. Well time has caught up and the million is nowhere to be found. In fact the millionaire dream has been put on the back burner. Why? Well, When I ask myself the question, “Why do you want a million dollars? What use do you have for a million? Does your current lifestyle necessitate the need for it?” The simple answer is…yes no, my CURRENT lifestyle doesn’t need it. I don’t need a Ferrari to get me to work. I don’t eat shrimp and caviar every entree. Hell, I sure as don’t need a million to buy ALL the music equipment I need to run a small gig. The only reasons I can come up with for large monetary uses are helping parents pay off mortage so they can retire and funding my “indefinite global awakening travel” when I decide to embark on it.

Having continuous multiple streams of income seems prerequisite before even thinking about the 1M mark. And a true burning desire for it. It’s strange, money doesn’t really get me off anymore. I deal with thousands of dollars every day at work and see Nellie and John all too often. The successful teachers say this is the feeling you want. Don’t get excited. But I suspect that I haven’t any millionaire friends or actively tried to pursue it daily is probably why I haven’t reached it. I don’t think I’m even close to understanding the “how” just yet. No biggie, I’m still having a good time😀

These days, nothing is able to bring me down. When I read back on my earlier journal entries in 2012, there was so much stress expressed in the writing, most of it was from uni deadlines. I was really late for work today and finally got told off. I am disappointed at myself for that but there is hardly a trace of stress on me. When I do get stressed it’s very fleeting.

Before I sign off, I must mention a special someone who was pivotal in achieving my goal of clearing the debt which could never have completed this quickly. On the internet we use an alias to protect our loved ones. To my dear mastermind brother Jables.

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Wastefulness vs Scarcity?

How can a conscious human being strike the balance between being an environmentalist whilst living aligned with the abundance mindset?

Currently, humans are using up finite resources at an alarming rate – oceans life is rapidly disappearing, fossil fuels will eventually deplete and pollution is spiralling out of control. Granted I’ve only gained this knowledge thru secondary resources i.e textbooks, reading on the internet, documetaries and hearing others. But I cannot be completely ignorant and turn a blind eye when the basic principle of mathematics makes it obvious that if you use up resources quicker than they can replenish, then it WILL eventually run out. Take RTS games for example.

Being an environmentalist I care about the future of this planet and it’s inhabitants. Ultimately I want to ensure the survival of our race and the species Earth has to offer. I think everyone feels the same way when you reach a certain level of understanding, when you reach the top echelon of Maslow’s hierarchy.

Introduced early into the personal development realm is the idea that having an abundant mindset will offer a better quality of life thru the intention of manifesting plenty of resources for the individual. By the law of attraction you will receive more if you believe that everything you need is all around you, but you must “tune” into those wavelengths. Things like money, wealth, relationships will fall into place when you create a strong intention backed by firm belief.

On one hand the mindset of abundance says that there is enough for everyone and then some. On the other hand we are rapidly depleting Earth’s resources which will in consequence guarantee the end of life on Earth as we know it. How can the Earth be sustainable or abundant when reality and scientist are saying it is decreasing? Not to mention population is increasing at an exponential rate? In populous countries people have to scavenge for food just to live to the next day.

But perhaps I’ve got it all wrong? Maybe there is enough for everyone as it currently stands but it is all being WASTED? Like the idea of feeding anchovies to salmon. It takes an astounding 3kg of small fries to make 1kg of Salmon. That’s simply false economy. It is more efficient for us humans to eat the small fries directly than via farming them. Really we should all be eating wild caught animals. But maybe it’s not possible in today’s society. But I digress, perhaps a “clean up” of economic, societal and human influenced environmental systems could align itself to abundance mindset. Those three are, after all the three pillars of sustainabilty.

I don’t have too many questions about how to succeed in life anymore. After Steve Pavlina’s seminar I realised that I have everything in my power to improve my life. Most of my questions are related to combining physical science with “new thought” which is what Wikipedia uses as an umbrella term for spirituality movement covering beliefs such as law of attraction, positive thinking, high consciousness and so forth.

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Flying free

When I received an email from Steve Pavlina’s monthly newsletter about the CLW – Conscious life workshop, there was a deep spiritual instinct that I felt was urging me that I had to go. That this was my next growth milestone. It just felt right. Financially  this trip is very illogical but like all personal development executions, I see it as an investment worth much greater than the price. Anyways money can always be made. Opportunities are only open for a limited time.

This would be my first time out of the country alone. I do feel a bit anxious but that always happens for first time experiences. I also don’t know what to expect for this workshop ‘cept that the people in the room will be very easy to relate to and that I’m gonna have one hell of a good time. Oh and I finally get to meet Steve Pavlina, in person!

Anyways I’ve gotta get up early and It’s gonna be a long flight but I’ve got plenty of material to keep me occupied. Las Vegas, here I come!

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